vegan substitute for sour cream

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Are you looking for some great vegan substitutes for sour cream? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will find many options within this list which includes both store-bought and homemade sour cream substitutes that are vegan.

So, if you’re changing your way of eating and you’re ready to take the plunge and purchase those vegan sour cream alternatives , or you’re just looking to try something new, there is an option for everyone here.

vegan substitute for sour cream

Sour cream is a dairy product usually used to make soups, stews, baked goods, dips, spreads and more. But, if you’re vegan, you may be trying to figure out what can be used in place of sour cream with similar results.

Keep reading to see how you can easily replace sour cream with these 6 vegan sour cream stand ins.

What are the best vegan  substitutes for sour cream?

The best vegan friendly substitutes for sour cream are Tofutti better than sour cream,, Kite Hill plant based sour cream, Only Plant Based vegan sour cream, vegan yogurt, and even homemade vegan sour cream. Each of these substitutes will be discussed in more detail below.

Vegan sour cream substitute options

Tofutti better than sour cream

One of the first non dairy items that can be used to replace sour cream is Tofutti better than sour cream. According to the label, this vegan sour cream alternative is made with ingredients like water, expeller processed natural oil blend, maltodextrin, soy protein, non-dairy lactic acid, sugar, locust bean, guar and xanthan gum.

The verdict is out about this one. Some people hate it and thinks it tastes like play dough or paint. While others think it is creamy and delicious, although it lacks the ‘sourness’ one would expect from a sour cream. The people who enjoy it suggest adding some lime juice to get a more sour taste like regular sour cream. You can use this sour cream alternative for foods like chili, nachos, baked potatoes, dips and more.

Kite Hill plant based sour cream

Another way to substitute for sour cream if you are vegan is with the Kite Hill plant based sour cream. This sub is made with ingredients like almond milk, coconut oil, rice starch, coconut milk, maltodextrin, chickpea protein, salt and cultures.

This plant based sour cream is quite popular and tastes very similar to regular sour cream. This vegan sour cream replacement is great for nacho toppings, for baked goods, for dips and sauces and pretty much can replace sour cream in any dish at a 1:1 ratio.

Only Plant Based vegan sour cream

Another store bought plant based vegan sour cream option is the Only Plant Based vegan sour cream. If you happen to have access to this, it can be used to replace sour cream quite easily as it tastes great and is creamy and thick. Use this plant based sour cream for topping baked potatoes, nachos, tacos, for tortillas and so much more!

So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk yogurt alternative 

So delicious coconut milk yogurt alternative also makes another great vegan replacement for sour cream. This vegan yogurt does have a more runny consistency than regular yogurt or even sour cream, but, its flavor is similar to that of yogurt which means it is ideal as a sub for sour cream for sauces, baked goods, dressings, and so much more.

Kite Hill plain unsweetened almond milk yogurt

Another ideal vegan alternative for sour cream is the Kite Hill plain unsweetened almond milk yogurt. This dairy free yogurt helps you to enjoy a creamy dairy free vegan touch to your favorite tacos, burritos, and dips even though you’re on a vegan eating regime.

Homemade vegan sour cream

Lastly, you can also use your very own homemade vegan sour cream to replace regular sour cream. There are many recipes online including this one link here which is made with ingredients like raw cashews, water, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, salt and mustard. You can find a recipe for this homemade vegan sour cream here.

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