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These kitchen organization ideas are the best. You’ll be glad you found such genius ways to organize your kitchen and give things a put together look and feel. These tips will make it so that you never have to worry about where to find certain things in your kitchen. You’ll also have less worry about lack of space in your kitchen.

These ideas will help you solve lots of problems!


Use A Spice Rack Organizer

(either inside a cabinet door or mounted on a wall)

These are an amazing trick for keeping your spice jars organized and within reach at all times. If you’re like me, you can never seem to find your spices while cooking and this set up will definitely help you solve that problem.

You can find it here.

 Use a 3-Tier Gap Kitchen Slim Slide Out Storage 

I’ve mentioned this before but if you have a few gaps between your cabinets, this is a great way to not only get extra storage but also a nice way to keep small items organized.


You can find it here.


Use A Half-Circle Wall-Mount Pot Rack

Don’t have enough space for all your pots? This is a rack you NEED in your life. It holds 6 pots and helps you save a lot of space!

You can check it out here.


Use A Magazine Holders To Store Things

These are great for storing just about anything that takes up too much space in your kitchen. You can use them to organize cleaning agents that you keep in your kitchen cabinets, Foods that take up excess space in the refrigerator and so much more.

You can find these handy magazine holders here.


Use Tension Rod Dividers

Many times we tend to stack our platters and chopping board which not only takes up lots of space, but it also looks super untidy. These Tension Rod Dividers can help fix this problem. Grab a few and create free paces inside your cabinets to organize kitchen items seamlessly.

These can also be used to hang pots and other small kitchen utensils that you use regularly, as seen below.

You can find these handy tension rods here.


Get You A Pan Organizer

One simple way to keep your pans organized is by getting you a nice pan organizer that fits nicely in your cabinet. You’ll never have to dig through a cabinet full of haphazardly stored pots and pans again. Plus this organizer leaves tons of extra space inside your cabinets for other things to be organized well.

You can check it out here.


Pull-Out 2-Tier Base Cabinet Cookware Organizer

This is an ingenious way to effortlessly organize all your lids and cookware without having to bang the thus scratching them up. If you want a smart way to organize your lids and cookware, this is it. It’s a very high-quality product that will hold up a good amount of weight. Definitely, something to look into if you want both a stylish and functional way to organize your cookware.

You can check this out here.


Heavy Duty S-Shaped Hooks

If you already have rods in your kitchen a cool way to keep lots of big and small items organized is by making use of some small s-shaped hooks to hang those items. You can hang things like pans, kitchen towels and aprons, cups and just about any misc. kitchen items you’d like to keep at hands reach.

You can check it out here.



Stackable Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Shelf Organizer

A simple way to add extra ‘shelf’ space to your cabinets is by using those cute stackable counter shelf organizers. By using these racks you basically just got an entire shelf!

You can check it out here.


Use An 8-Tier Cabinet Organizer

I don’t need to tell you this, but these are absolutely amazing for lots of extra storage and organization. You can literally fit so much stuff on this organizer. Plus, you can hang it on the inside of a cabinet door or mount it on a wall. So If you’re looking for extra space or you have a small kitchen, this is something you should definitely consider getting.


You can check it out here.


 Wall Mounted Dish Drying Rack (6 Utility Hooks )

Now, this is a genius way to keep almost everything organized in a kitchen. This is something you’ll wanna check out if you lack lots of shelf space or if you just want to keep all your small (and big) kitchen items off the counter.

You can check this out here.


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All-in-One Cutlery Knife Set with Magnetic Strip

If you misplace knives a lot, consider getting this knife set with magnetic stip as a way to keep them visible and always within reach. Plus these look so cool and are a fun and convenient way to organize your knives.

You can check them out here.

Which of these 12 kitchen organization ideas do you like and will be trying out? I’d love to know so please leave a comment.


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