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Are you starting a bullet journal this year? Are you looking for ideas for some of the best pens, notebooks, stencils, washi tape, and other bullet journal products to help you plan and organzie and use your bujo properly?

Then this list of bullet journal supplies is just what you need. We’ve taken the time to complie a list of the 11 musthave bujo products that you need to own.


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Hardcover Medium Dotted Journal

bullet journal supplies

This is a GREAT journal for beginners. The dots make it easy to format each page beautifully and there are lots of pages in this journal. Also, it’s quite sturdy and has a handy index and pre numbered pages and the convinient pocket inside the back cover. You can be sure that this journal will last for a long time even if you carry it around with your often.

You can find this bullet journal here.


Pigma Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set

These pens draws very smoothly and don’t bleed through paper. They work great for what they are intended for plus they’re a great price for such great quality. For bullet journalling, these are absolutely perfect as they’re waterproof, dry quickly and are rich in pigment and won’t bleed if you erase over.

You can find these Pigma pens in color here.



Pigma Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set

You can find these pigma pens in black here.




Tombow Dual Brush Pens (Bright/Pastel/Galaxy)

These are absolutely beautiful with no scratching or bleed through.They’re also deeply pigmented which makes them perfect for fine art, brush lettering, faux calligraphy, illustrations, journalng and more. They’re are an absolute MUST HAVE bullet journal supply.

You can find these dual brush pens here.


20 PCS Bullet Journal Stencil Set (4×7 Inch)

There is a fabulous variety of shapes in this stencil set that is highly recommend this set for bullet journaling. Itll help give you layout ideas for your bullet journal

You can find these stencils here.


Washi Tape 

Washi tape looks amazing in any bullet journal, and this set is perfect with it’s beautiful pattersn and colors.

You can find these washi tape sets here.



Hand Lettering 101

If you want to practice hand lettering for your bullet journal, this is one of the besy guides to help you learn.

You’ll find the lessons to be non-intimidating and perfect for beginners.

You can find this hand leterring book here.

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