5 Genius Bullet Journal Ideas For When You Feel Stuck With Your Bujo

These are some genius bullet journal ideas that I hope will help you use your bullet journal more successfully. I got an email a few weeks ago and it went like this: Hey there Toya! I’ve read some of your bullet journaling articles and I really love them. Thanks so much for your awesome tips. I’ve been journaling for a few weeks and I find that I’m not using my bujo for what it’s meant to be…bettering my life and being more organized. In fact, I find myself getting so involved in making the spreads than in actually getting stuff […]

7 Bullet Journal Ideas You Need To Try To If You Love Bullet Journaling

These bullet journal ideas are really great for helping you use your journal to its maximum potential this year. Bullet Journaling is an amazing thing. Not only does it help with keeping you organized, but it also helps you track and accomplish your goals and aspirations plus it’s quite fun to have a journal since you can use it to express yourself  (with color, design, handwriting) while still getting organized. I absolutely love using a bullet journal and so I decided to share some awesome bullet journal ideas you can use in your journal. Today’s article shares some great bullet journal […]

6 More Bullet Journal Hacks That’ll Help You Be More Productive

If you’re interested in using a bullet journal this year you’ll definitely wanna know some of these great hacks that will help you be super productive and can actually help you use your journal effectively. A bullet journal is a simple notebook that can be used to plan out your life. They’re basically used like planners but are a lot cheaper, plus they’re very plain, to begin with, so you can essentially make them look exactly how you want them to, which is awesome! Want to start Bullet Journaling? Then you can get this awesome bullet journal here: However, because […]

6 Bullet Journal Must Have Supplies That’ll Help You Be Super Productive

This ‘bullet journal must have supplies’ post will outline some amazing products you should get to make your bullet journal experience even better! If you’re new to bullet journaling or considering using a bullet journal this year these are some bullet journal must have supplies you need to get to take your productivity, creativity, and style to the next level. These are all really cool products that can help your bullet journal stand out and can help you add character and style to your spreads.   Related: 9 Bullet Journal Hacks For People Who Love Productivity 7 Bullet Journal Ideas You […]

9 Bullet Journal Hacks For People Who Love Productivity

These are some really cool bullet journal hacks that make sense and actually work to make using your journal more productive. Bullet Journaling is a great way to keep things super organized and help you stay productive throughout the day. I’ve tried it alongside using a regular planner and I’ve found that it helps me get a lot done! It’s a remarkable way to plan out things in a no-frills manner. This is a great organizing system for small business owners or just people who like minimalist things or just love using a regular notebook which is highly customizable and […]