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This gardening hacks article is super helpful and will help you deal with a list of problems that you may be facing in your garden.

If you love gardening then you’ve probably come across a few of the common problems that seem to plage your garden and hinder your progress.

Today’s article outlines a few gardening hacks that you need to know if you’re a gardener or are planning to start gardening soon.

Regardless of what type of garden you have or are planning on starting, you’ll be sure to find some useful gardening hacks to help you out.


Marigolds In Vegetable Garden?

gardening hacks

According to Imperfectly Happy,

As vegetable gardeners we know the importance of bees to the success of garden…aka pollination. Marigolds not only attract bees but they help the to thrive and survive!


Garden Genie Gloves

If you’re looking for an effective product to help you go through the mulch and dig out weeds from the roots in your garden, then you’ll want to try out these garden genie gloves.

They’re a lot better than having to use a trowel and they’ll keep our hands clean!

Still liked it a lot better than using the trowel and kept my hands clean!

You can find the genie gloves here.


Gardening Hacks To Keep Garden Pest Free

Take your time at least once every week or two to check for pests in our garden. Check under the eaves, on the outer edge of pots and the soil beneath the foliage in order to prevent pests from taking over your garden.

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How To Deter Cats From Your Garden

For many gardeners, cats and especially their poo is a constant, smelly issue. In order to help deter, them, there are numerous things you can do including:

Sprinkling citrus peels among your plants. Cats seem to hate the smell of citrus and it does no harm to them so this is a great deterrent for people who want to keep cats at bay without causing unnecessary harm.

Another great tip is to use bark chippings since cats don’t like to walk across them, they’re great for controlling weeds and can also act as a mulch.

You can also cover your beds with netting until your plants are bigger. Becuase cats don’t like feeling unsteady under their feet, this would serve as a great deterrent.

Having a pot of catmint works wonders as well.
Buy some keep off! This will help to keep four-legged animals away from any designated area for 24 hours. This is a great way to train animals where they shouldn’t be.

You can find keep off here.


Gardening hacks to get rid of other common pests:

White vinegar is great for repelling common pest that affects plants. Use 2 tsp white vinegar mixed in one liter of water.
To use this, remove all infected leaves then spray the plant every day until the pest disappear.
Please note that using excessive amounts of vinegar on your plants isn’t recommended as it can damage your leaves.
Do you have an ant problem? Using coffee grounds is a great way to repel them
Coffee grounds are also great to use as mulch and help conserve moisture. Also, amazing for deterring slugs from eating plants.
Don’t know where to find coffee grounds? Most coffee shops including Starbucks will give them to you for free!

Got an aloe vera plant that needs some love?

If you have aloe vera plants that you’ve been under or over watering, use this tip to get your plant healthy.

 Try watering the plant once a month and keep it in bright light. This will ensure that your plant is healthy and well hydrated throughout the month.


If you have a weed problem in your garden, consider sprinkling cornmeal in your garden. Cornmeal prevents weeds from germinating and growing into plants effectively.


Deer Eating Your Flowers?

Using Deer Be Gone and mothballs might just do the trick. Consider freshening once a month to keep them away.

You can find Deer Be Gone here.

Which of these amazing gardening hacks will you be trying out? Let me know in the comments below.

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