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This postpartum hacks article is meant to help make the postpartum period easier for moms and their loved ones.

If you’re looking for some useful tips and tricks to help you overcome some of the issues that may arise after having a baby, then this is for you.

You shouldn’t have to learn everything on your own at such a pivotal time in your life and these postpartum hacks will help you out.


Postpartum aches

Postpartum aches can take so many forms including joint soreness, knee and hip pain, toe pains, muscle pain, lower back pains, shoulder pains to name a few, then these are some postpartum hacks that can help you feel better and alleviate the pain so you can function in your day-to-day.

Many women suffer from terrible aches and pains as well as swelling and stiff postpartum that can make it painful to walk, reach for things or engage in small day to day activities such as being hugged. Many times these pains will go on for a few weeks, months or even years after giving birth.

Here are some possible remedies that can help you reduce these symptoms. Some of these are tried and true and have worked for thousands of moms. You should look into them for relief if you believe you’re dealing with postpartum joint and or muscle pain.


One thing that can greatly help is movement, especially yoga. If you’ve been experiencing lower back pains and other upper body pains postpartum, try out a few yoga stretches to help find some relief.

This is a great place to start.

Follow along and try some of these Postpartum yoga classes daily for improvement in your aches and pains.


Postpartum physical therapy

Consider seeing a qualified physical therapist who is familiar with Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy as soon as possible, especially if your pain is becoming unbearable and you’re not able to perform small tasks.

This is a very successful way of dealing with Postpartum joint and muscle pain.


Tart Cherry Juice

Drink Tart Cherry Juice to reduce inflammation. This has helped many moms reduce their pain.

Scientific evidence suggests that drinking cherry juice can help relieve muscle pain, arthritis pain and the pain of gout better than aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

postpartum hacks

You can find these here.


Compression knee sleeves

Compression knee sleeves are also very helpful if you’re suffering from postpartum knee pain. These can really help you to manage your symptoms if you experience mild to moderate pain by providing support, preventing further knee damage, killing pain and reducing inflammation.

This brand by MAVA is a great option to try out.

You can find these here.


Change of diet

Try an alkaline diet. This is a diet that focuses on curing your body of inflammation which is one of the major causes of most pains and sicknesses we experience.

Read more on this here.

You can find this here.


Postpartum Hairloss hacks

This is very common for most moms. Unfortunately, that hair that doesn’t get shed during pregnancy is going to come out afterward and it can be a bit scary.

On average, we lose 150 strands of hair each day. During pregnancy, this number is drastically reduced and you don’t lose many strands at all. However, postpartum, many people tend to lose about 500 strands per day. It’s very natural for this to happen however, it can be very upsetting.

Here are some useful ideas that’ll help you out. Mind you, they won’t reverse this natural process, however, they can help you to have healthier, thicker hair during the shedding process.


Use Biotin

This is a great product for bringing back the thickness and smoothness of your hair.

You can find these here.

Do some castor oil treatments for your hair. This will help your hair grow in length, and thickness and make your hair shine.

You can find this here.


Use Wild growth hair oil. Due to the fact that it has iron, it will help our hair to grow and look and feel thicker.

You can find this oil here.


Always use a very moisturizing conditioner. This will help to keep your hair supple and this will help with less breakage.

You can find this moisturizing conditioner here.

Again, none of these tips will stop postpartum shedding but they will help with the overall feel and look of your hair.


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Postpartum Hacks For Depression

One way you can make it better is by getting your partner and those whom you’re in constant contact with such as family and friends to understand what you’re going through.

That way, they’ll be more inclined to help you out and take the burdens of certain things off of you when you need a break or understanding.

This book will help with this immensely.


The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions, and Restoring Your Vitality 

It is an absolute must-read for all women who are pregnant, new moms, postpartum, or even long time mothers as well as their loved ones such as husbands, family members, partners, friends and family members and even caregivers.

It’s a super well rounded, helpful guide that will help moms heal with it’s holistic approach to postpartum care.

You can find this here.


Postpartum Recovery Hacks

Here are some really useful postpartum recovery hacks that’ll help you out tremendously.


Once your baby has been delivered and you’re allowed to walk, get up and do it.  This will help you feel better and will give you the opportunity to work your muscles.


Get Help

One important thing to note is that you should ask for or welcome help once you’re back home from the hospital. Don’t lift anything heavy as you will hurt yourself. If friends and family volunteer to help out by assisting you with chores, cooking, laundry, walking the dogs and so on, it will help your recovery process.


Useful products/ideas:

Try to get a postpartum support cincher apply pressure to our incision (if you have a c section) your stomach and to provide support. They’re extremely helpful during recovery.

You can find this here.


If you’ve developed stretch marks then this cream is a great option to help lighten the appearance of your stretch marks. This product is made with natural ingredients and will make your skin feel super moisturized. Also,it’s helped many women drastically reduce the appearance of their stretch marks.

You can find this here.


Consider sleeping on the couch for a couple of nights as it may be more comfortable due tot he slight incline and it’ll be easier to get up compared to a bed.


Peeing Postpartum

For some relief from itchiness from stitches, tr out some of these remedies:

Plain water-based lube: Everytime you use the bathroom, put a water-based lube (down there) and on the stitches.

Also, get some baby momma bottom spray to help with the discomfort.

Witch hazel is also really great.


Deal with stress

Do yoga, meditation, journaling. Throw in some really low impact exercises such as swimming and walking. Get as much sleep and rest as you possibly can while your body repairs itself.


Postpartum Workout Hacks

Dancing to music is a great way to help you move more and lose some weight postpartum.

Also, try this yoga workout to help you lose weight.

Postpartum Hacks For Diet

Try eating only when you’re hungry and avoid eating out of habit. This will help cut down on your caloric intake and lose weight.

Start a plant-based diet. This is a great way to lose weight quite easily and it also helps improve milk supply. You can find lots of plant-based recipes here.

You can find this recipe book here.

These are some really awesome postpartum hacks that’ll help make the months and years after having your beautiful baby so much easier and more fulfilling.


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