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If you’re on the keto diet, you’re probably always scrambling online looking for meal ideas that have the right carbs, protein, and fat to help you lose weight and be healthier.

You’re also probably heading to the grocery stores quite often to stock up on keto food items (I’ve been there too).

If you’re tired of all this, you probably should seriously think about using a handy keto meal planner.

keto meal planning for beginners

One problem that many of us have on the keto diet is not being able to stick to a solid eating plan each day that facilitates weight loss and health.


After all, even on the best diets, we can and often do go wrong by failing to plan ahead as we often leave most things for the last minute.

For me personally, I’ve found that eating keto is a bit of a struggle if I don’t have a written plan of what I’m eating every day. It’s so easy to make small errors each day.

With a family that I don’t want to force on this lifestyle, I find that not having a plan leaves me vulnerable to small mistakes (such as unconsciously grabbing a handful of high carb snacks that are laying around my home) and this has had a huge impact on my weight loss.


Because the keto diet is a whole new way of eating, and it’s likely you’ve never eaten like this before, many mistakes can occur and these can have you convinced you just can’t follow this way of eating because it’s just TOO HARD.

Unfortunately, many people toss this diet aside because everything is left for the last minute. They’re always:

  • Scrambling for last-minute breakfast ideas
  • Scrambling to find snack ideas when their tummies are grumbling or when packing kids lunch boxes
  • Having difficulty coming up with dinner ideas 
  • Running out of groceries or certain ingredients


So if you’ve been having any of these problems consider trying out meal planning on the keto diet:

  • If you have problems coming up with different meal ideas every day that fits into your daily macros limit.
  • If you find that you’re spending too much money on keto groceries each week or month.
  • If you find that you’re always running out of food even when you’ve already spent what you consider to be too much on keto groceries.
  • If you’re always running to the grocery store (busy moms know how that sucks)
  • And, if you find that you’re not losing weight as quickly as you’d like.


Chances are all this is happening because you’re not planning out your meals in advance.

A keto meal planner can help you fix this problem once and for all!


Did you know that eating too much protein on the keto diet can affect your weight loss? Having too much protein will turn the protein into blood sugar in our liver through a process called glucogenesis, which could spike your insulin levels which your body can then use for energy instead of fat. This can stall your weight loss.

And, it’s very easy to eat too much protein on the keto diet, because, many of the foods that are low in carbs are high in protein.

Formulating a good keto meal plan for yourself can ensure that you do not make this mistake of unconsciously eating too much protein. Or too many carbs and even fat. It’ll also help you manage how many calories you’re eating.


And the best part, it’ll help decrease the stress that comes with finding recipe ideas on the keto diet.

keto mela planning for beginners

Furthermore, in a world that is filled with carby foods at all corners, not having a plan is bad.

I know you’re probably thinking that meal planning is for super organized people (those with planners and journals and to do lists) But, it’s actually great for anyone who wants to lose weight as well.


So, if you’ve had those thoughts

  • Meal planning is a waste of time
  • I can’t plan meals that far ahead
  • I can’t buy this much food at once
  • I’m too busy
  • How will this food last for this long?


Remember that the keto diet is already difficult enough as it is because there are some many things that you can’t eat, that you’ve grown to love over the year.

Don’t make it even more difficult by allowing yourself to be at a loss for meal ideas when you’re hungry and have no time for finding recipes.

Prepare yourself for this by making a meal plan that works for you and helps you stay on track on the keto diet and ultimately helps you lose weight! 


The keto meal planner will help you to:

  • Save more money on food
  • Save time to search for meal ideas daily
  • Waste less food
  • Eliminate last-minute stress
  • Make keto grocery shopping easier
  • Add variety to your keto diet
  • Stay on top of your keto macros
  • Lose weight due to proper planning ahead
  • Spend more time enjoying your life instead of worrying about what you’ll eat when you’re hungry


So, if you’ve started the keto diet and you’re finding it a bit difficult to stick to your macros, find simple meal ideas for every meal, you’re finding yourself wasting money on ‘keto groceries’ that go to waste or you can’t afford, try out these meal planning printables to help you get things right on the keto diet.

You can lose weight on this diet, but it takes dedication and preparation and these printables can help you become more prepared for every day on the keto diet.


You can find the keto meal planning printables here.


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