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These easy to make keto soup recipes are really delicious and will help you enjoy soup while losing weight.

If you’re starting to get boared on the ketogenic diet, these easy keto soup recipes are will help you mix things up a bit. You can enjoy from a list of chicken, shrimp, ground beef, vegetarian and more low carb soup recipes.

Not only will these help you add variety to your keto meals, they’ll also be perfect for comfort food ideas.


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12 Delicious keto soup recipes to make


Low Carb Instant Pot Cauliflower Soup

This yummy Mexican Spiced Instant Pot Cauliflower Soup is the perfect easy comefort food recipes for anyone on the ketogenic diet.

You can find this recipe here.


Low Carb Instant Pot Vegetable Soup

keto soup recipes

This Instant Pot Vegetable Soup with Zucchini is a low carb vegetable soup that isso full of flavour. Did I mention that it’s super easy to make.

You can find this recipe here.

Low Carb Hearty Beef Stew

This delicious beef stew can be made either in an instant pot or the stovetop. It’s packed with some many amazing flavours that you will really enjoy. All you need to make this is some  seared beef stew meat, vegetables and beef broth.

You can find this recipe here.

Keto Instant Pot Thai Shrimp Soup

If you’re looking for a shrimp soup that is super creamy and has deicious flavours, then this is it. 


You can find this recipe here. 


Easy Keto Lobster Bisque Soup 

This easy to make homemade keto lobster soup is a great meal for when the winter weather is upon you. You entire family will enjoy this keto recipe becuase it’s tastes like heaven.

You can find this recipe here.

Brocoli Cauliflower Cheese Soup With Sausage

This hearty brocoli cauliflower cheese soup needs to be on your list of keto soups to make this fall and winter our you’ll be missing out! This is one recipe that’ll make you think you’re cheating on the keto diet!


You can find this recipe here.


Low Carb Green Chile Enchilada Soup

Do you enjoy green chilies, chicken and cheese? If you said yes, you’ll really enjoy this recipe and so will your family. Plus, it’s quite easy to make in a slow cooker or pressure cooker.


You can find this recipe here.



Low Carb Chili Recipe

This hearty Beef Chili Recipe is perfect for low carb diets! This Low Carb Chili Recipe is full of flavor, perfect for warming you up on cold winter days and is especially great for a potluck party!

You can find this recipe here. 


Unstuffed Cabbage Roll Soup

This simple keto comfort food recipe is made with beef, tomatoes,, veggies and taste so good. Make this this fall or winter to add some yummy recipes to your keto diet.

You can find this recipe here. 

Keto Instant Pot Cauliflower Cheese Soup

This is a healthy Instant Pot cauliflower cheese soup with bacon.

You can find this recipe here.

Easy Low Carb Taco Soup Recipe With Ranch Dressing

This easy taco soup on the stove only takes 20 minutes to make and you only need five ingredients to make it. Plus, you better believe that your entore family will be asking for seconds.

You can find this recipe here.



Low Carb Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

On the keto diet, soups are such an easy way to get a satisfying and simple meal and these bacon cheeseburger soup is just for you need this fall and winter.

You can find this recipe here. 


Which of these tasty keto soup recipes will you be trying out? Let us know in the comments below!

These keto soup recipes are THE BEST! I'm so glad I found these easy keto soup recipes for the low carb and keto diet. Now I can enjoy these comfort food recipes during fall and winter and still lose weight eating these tasty crockpot, chicken, shrimp, beef, cabbageand sausgae soups on the ketogenic diet! Definitely pinning this for later! #keto #ketorecipes #ketogenicdiet #ketogenicrecipes #lowcarbrecipes #souprecipes #soups

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