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If you have a bullet journal, chances are it is one of your best ways of catching all your ideas in a simple and creative place.

It is simply one of the best systems to help you plan ahead, remember things that are important to you and have fun while being creative in your own unique way.

However, you could be missing some very useful pages that’ll make your life easier and make your feel even more productive each week.

Here are a list of pages you may be missing and need in your bullet journal.

The Essentials You Need To Start:

Before you continue reading about bullet journal daily layouts, these are some of the products I recommend for bullet journaling. They’re the absolute best and my bullet journaling experience wouldn’t be the same without them!

Brain Dump

Some your brain can become a mess of thoughts. This may cause you to be stressed because you’re so full of ideas and you can’t focus.  You can make a beautiful brian dump in your bullet journal to handle this and de-clutter your thoughts.

Image credit: sabradbujo

Gratitude Log

Using a gratitue log can increase your long term well being by more than 10 per cent. Gratitude improves our health, relationships, emotions, personality, and career.

Adding this page to your bullet journal is an awesome thing. So, if you currently don’t use a gratitutde log, try it out.

Image credit: brittsbulletjournal

Master Grocery List

Grocery shopping can become a bit frustrating sometimes. Having a master grocery list in your bullet journal is a great way to get rid of this frustation by creating a list of food your frequently buy. You’ll no longer be jotting down random items on small scraps of paper!

Image credit: nerdygirlbujo

Habit Tracker

Image credit: bujo_nina



Monthly Goals Pages

Image credit: Meraadi



Menu Planning

Image credit: rhiobujo


Seasonal Bucket Lists

Image credit: mrs_bullets_journal42

What do you think about these pages for your bullet journal? Do you use them? And do they make you feel more productive throughout the week?


These are 7 bullet journal pages that are missing from your bujo. These are some great bullet journal page ideas to help you be more productive! #bulletjournal #bujo

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