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If you’re on the ketogenic lifestyle, you will need to learn about these keto substitutes that can help you make some really great low carb meals.

These keto food swaps are real lifesavers for anyone who wants to embark on keto but may find it difficult to give up certain foods.

This article features 10 keto substitutes that you will absolutely love! Plus, these will keep you from going crazy about foods you can’t eat as they will help you to make some really tasty keto meals with simple and easy to find substitutes.


Keto substitutes You Need  To Try:


Keto Sugar Substitute

Sugar is considered to be a carb and this is why many fruits aren’t very keto friendly since they contain lots of sugar. Therefore, it’s one thing that we have to do away with or greatly reduce on keto.

However, it’s often something that is very difficult to do for most of us. But, if you want to be successful on the keto lifestyle you need to eliminate sugars from your way of eating.

Although this may sound like a difficult thing to do, it is quite easy to make the switch as there is a list of sugar substitutes you can enjoy on keto including:


Monkfruit Low Carb Sweetener

If you’re looking for a good quality low carb and zero calorie sweetener then this brand is great.  It is an awesome product for sugar replacement without a bitter aftertaste.

You can find this low carb sweetener here.



You can find stevia here.



You can find Truvia here.



You can find Pyure here.



You can find Swerve here.



Low carb substitute for bread

One thing I enjoyed and I’m sure we all did before keto was bread. Bread is a great food to have on hand for any given occasion. But, considering that many flours are prohibited on the keto lifestyle, many people think they can’t have bread on keto.

A tasty and easy to make keto bread substitute is this great low carb banana bread.

It’s made with healthy ingredients such as almond flour, ghee, and Monkfruit sweetener and it is divine.

There are also lots of other keto bread recipes that you can try out throughout the journey. I’m sure you’ll find a few that become staples in your home.

Here are some keto bread recipes to try.




If you miss chips on the keto way of eating, then you’re in great company. These are some tasty chips that you can try out with no guilt.

Parsnip Chips

You can find this recipe here.



You can find this recipe here.


Radish Chips

You can find this recipe here.


Pepperoni Chips

You can find this recipe here.



Regular flour is a no-no on the keto lifestyle. Thankfully there are numerous healthy keto flour substitutes that you can use to make your various dishes.

These include:

Almond flour

You can find Almond Flour Here.

Coconut flour

You can find coconut flour here.


Flaxseed Meal

You can find flaxseed meal here.



If you’re looking for some substitutes for pasta, then you have quite a few options. All of these options have less than 5g of carbs per serving. Some as little as 1 g of carbs per serving. These are perfect pasta substitutes.

These include:


You can find this recipe here.


Spaghetti squash

You can find this recipe here.


Shirataki Noodles

You can find these noodles here.


Palmini linguini

You can find these here.


low carb substitute for rice

Missing rice? Riced cauliflower is a great keto substitute for rice. You can find a really great recipe for riced cauliflower here.

Riced Cauliflower

You can learn how to make this here.



Keto Substitutes: Alcoholic drinks

keto substitutes

You may think that you can’t have drinks on keto and admittedly, most alcoholic beverages seem to be packed with carbs. Therefore, while you may have to give up most of your favorite drinks, there are some really great keto options that you should try out.

They may just be way tasty that you think and will go a long way to helping you get results and maintain your results on the keto lifestyle.


You can find some really great keto drinks here.



Keto Honey Substitute

1 Tbsp of raw honey contains 17 grams of net carbs which means it isn’t a great option for anyone on keto. Erythritol is a perfect replacement for honey as it only contains

You can find Erythritol here.


These keto substitutes are THE BEST! I''m so glad I found keto substitutes for honey, sugar, bread, flour, pasta, rice, and chips. Now I can enjoy food swaps for some of my favorite recipes on the ketogenic diet! These low carb substitutes are perfect for make great keto recipes! Definitely pinning this for later! #ketodiet #keto

Low carb substitutes can make being on keto easier

It’s very easy to miss the foods you used to have before you started the keto way of eating. To make sure you stay away from temptations, find these easy low carb substitutes so that you don’t fall off on this eating plan.

These easy keto substitutes make it so much easier to be on keto and actually enjoy similar foods on the keto way of eating. And if you’re looking for even more low carb swaps, check out this huge list of 100 keto substitutions that are worth knowing!

Do you know of any other keto food swaps that’ll be helpful? Leave them in the comments below!


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