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Are you looking for some simple ways to substitute for eggs in fried chicken? This comprehensive list is all you will need!

quick ways to substitute for eggs in fried chicken

When it comes to crafting the perfect fried chicken, eggs have long played a crucial role. They serve as a binding agent, help retain moisture, and contribute to that coveted crispy coating.

However, you may not have eggs on hand or you probably stopped using them which may lead you to seek egg substitutes for your fried chicken recipes.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll explore a wide array of ways you can replace eggs in your fried chicken, providing detailed instructions and tips to help you achieve juicy, then and crispy fried chicken without eggs.

Understanding the Role of Eggs in Fried Chicken

Before we delve into the egg substitutes that can work for frying chicken, it’s important to understand the role eggs play in traditional fried chicken recipes.

1. Binding Agent

Eggs act as a natural binder, helping the breading adhere to the chicken. This ensures that your coating stays put during frying, resulting in a crispy, delicious crust.

2. Moisture Retention

Eggs contribute to the moisture content of the chicken, preventing it from drying out during frying. This results in tender and juicy fried chicken.

3. Crispy Coating

Eggs are key to achieving that signature crispy coating that we all crave in fried chicken. They aid in creating the perfect texture.

However, various restrictions and allergies may necessitate the use of other alternative to eggs in your fried chicken recipes. Let’s explore your options.

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Quick list of ways to substitute for eggs in fried chicken 

In a hurry? Here’s the full list:

  • Commercial egg replacers
  • Flaxseed or chia egg 
  • Silken tofu
  • Buttermilk
  • Yogurt
  • Aquafaba
  • Cashew Milk
  • Mustard
  • Sour Cream
  • Mayonnaise
  • Heavy Cream
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Melted Butter
  • Caesar Dressing
  • Leave it out!

Now for more details.

Eggs Substitutes for Fried Chicken

A. Commercial Egg Replacers

1. Commercial Egg Replacers:

  • Commercial egg replacers like Ener-G, Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer, and Follow Your Heart VeganEgg are readily available and mimic the binding properties of eggs in many recipes including fried chicken.
  • Pros: Convenient, reliable, and versatile.
  • Cons: May contain additives, and taste may differ slightly from real eggs.

2. Flaxseed or Chia Egg:

Preparation: Mix 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed or chia seeds with 3 tablespoons of water. This is enough to substitute 1 egg. Let it sit for 10 minutes until it becomes gel-like.

Recommended Application: Ideal for binding and moisture retention in vegan fried chicken recipes.

3. Silken Tofu:

Preparation: Blend ¼ cup of silken tofu until smooth.

Recommended Application: Creates a creamy texture and aids in moisture retention for vegetarian fried chicken. It’s also a great egg substitute to dip chicken before you coat with breading and fry.

3. Buttermilk:

Preparation: Soak your chicken pieces in buttermilk, then coat and fry.

Recommended Application: Provides a tangy flavor and tenderizes the chicken for a unique twist.

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5. Yogurt:

Preparation: Use ¼ cup of plain yogurt per egg.

Recommended Application: Imparts creaminess and moisture to the coating for a delectable outcome. Dip your chicken into yogurt before coating so the coating adheres properly.

6. Aquafaba:

Preparation: Aquafaba is the liquid from a can of chickpeas. Whip it then use it as a binding agent to help any coating adhere to the chicken before frying.

Recommended Application: Works wonders for creating a crispy coating in fried chicken recipes.

7. Cashew Milk:

Cashew milk is a dairy-free milk that can be used as a liquid egg substitute.

Recommended Application: Adds a mild nutty flavor and helps bind the breading.

8. Mustard:

Mustard, such as Dijon or yellow mustard, can serve as a tangy egg substitute.

Recommended Application: Imparts a zesty kick and aids in breading adhesion.

9. Sour Cream:

Sour cream adds creaminess and moisture to your fried chicken recipe.

Recommended Application: Ideal for achieving a tender and rich flavor. Also a great egg substitute if you need a binding agent before coating your chicken with breading.

10. Mayonnaise:

Mayonnaise offers a creamy and slightly tangy egg substitute foe fried chicken.

Recommended Application: Contributes to a rich and flavorful coating that helps breading adhere to chicken.

11. Heavy Cream:

Heavy cream adds indulgence and moisture to the coating.

Recommended Application: Best used sparingly for a luxurious touch. Soak your chicken in some heavy cream before breading.

12. Ranch Dressing:

Ranch dressing brings a flavorful and creamy aspect to your egg substitute.

Recommended Application: Imparts a savory, herby taste to your fried chicken. Dip the chicken into the ranch dressing before you bread and fry it.

13. Melted Butter:

Melted butter provides a rich and buttery egg substitute option for fried chicken recipes.

Recommended Application: Adds a luscious flavor to your coating. Dip chicken into melted butter then bread.

14. Caesar Dressing:

Caesar dressing introduces a zesty and tangy element to your fried chicken but makes the perfect egg alternative for fried chicken recipes.

Recommended Application: Dip chicken into Cesar dressing then bread so it adheres well.

15. Leave it out!

There is no doubt that using eggs in fried chicken makes for some extraordinary fried chicken. However, you can leave it out and still get really great results! For example, check out this super easy basic fried chicken recipe made with just chicken, flour, salt and oil. Sometimes basic is best.

With this array of egg substitutes, you can tailor your fried chicken recipe to your specific needs and flavor preferences. Continue reading to discover how to use these substitutes effectively in your recipes.

How to use these egg alternatives for fried chicken

1. Prepare the Egg Substitute:

  • Depending on your chosen substitute, follow the preparation instructions provided earlier in the article.

2. Coat the Chicken:

  • Dip your chicken pieces into the prepared egg substitute, ensuring they are well-coated.
  • Some fried chicken recipes may require an additional step of coating with breadcrumbs.

3. Frying the Chicken:

  • Fry your coated chicken as you would in a traditional recipe, following the recommended frying time and temperature.

It’s essential to note that the quantity of egg substitute needed may vary based on your recipe. Typically, you can use an approximate 1/4 cup of your chosen substitute for each egg you’re replacing. However, always refer to the specific instructions provided in your recipe for accuracy.

Recipes for Fried Chicken with Egg Substitutes

Let’s put these egg substitutes into action with some sample recipes:

  1. Vegan Fried Chicken with Flaxseed “Eggs”
  2. Fried Chicken with Buttermilk
  3. Crispy Fried Chicken with Mustard

Each recipe includes detailed ingredient lists and step-by-step cooking instructions to help you achieve mouthwatering fried chicken using an egg replacement.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Despite your best efforts, you may encounter some common problems when using egg substitutes in your fried chicken recipes. Here’s how to address them:

1. Coating Not Sticking:

  • Possible solutions include ensuring the chicken is properly coated and that the oil is at the right temperature.

2. Texture Issues:

  • Adjust the quantity of egg substitute or try a different type to improve the texture.

3. Flavor Concerns:

  • Experiment with seasonings and herbs to enhance the flavor of your fried chicken.

With the information and tips provided in this comprehensive guide, you can confidently create delicious fried chicken that suits your needs and tastes without any eggs!

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different egg substitutes and recipes to discover your perfect fried chicken. Enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, and may your fried chicken always be crispy, flavorful, and satisfying.

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