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If you’re interested in doing yoga or have started your yoga journey but need a few yoga hacks to help you along, these will be very helpful to you.

Many people often never start their yoga journey for a number of reasons such as not feeling ready to embark on it. Here are some words of wisdom, tips, tricks hacks or whatever you want to call it that’ll give you a boost to start.

These are especially great for you if you’re a beginner and are still trying to wrap your head around what to do.

Also, you won’t regret this. Not only is yoga a wonderful way to get some exercise in, it’s also one of the best mental exercises you’ll ever experience. Definitely something worth the time and effort.

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7 amazing yoga hacks that you need to know:


Create a sacred space

If you’re serious about yoga, one simple hack is to create a sacred space for your practice. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a sanctuary that you love to be in where you can maintain enthusiasm for your practice as well as a place where it becomes so much easier for you to turn inward each time you enter your sacred space.

It’s also great to have a designated space where you can keep all your supplies in one place. 

The size of your space doesn’t really matter also and in order to make it even more personalized add items such that will appeal to your five senses such as plants, candles, incense, bells, gemstones, crystals, images, essential oils,  music and more.


Make the investment

Invest in these two important items for beginners:

Yoga Blanket

The Mexican Yoga Blankets are amazing. They’re thick and sturdy when folded or rolled up, which is great for support. It’s also very durable. This is an amazing blanket to help support you during child’s pose, shoulder stands and more.

You can find this yoga blanket here.


Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are a very important tool for yogis at any level. They’re great for if you’re trying to improve your flexibility, do new more difficult poses or trying to place less strain on your joints and muscles.

You can find great quality yoga blocks here.



Best Yoga Hack To Get Started

Try out  Yoga with Adriene’s 30 day yoga camp for learning the terminology and poses as well as easing into the practice. After the first 15 or so classes, you should feel comfortable enough to attend a live class or just be comfortable enough doing your own thing more confidently.


Make Time!


Notice I didn’t say find the time. Instead, I said make time which is different and will garner very different approaches from you.

If you haven’t started yet, chances are you’ve been feeling very busy with life. In order to start and to be consistent, you’ll need to make time for it every single day or at least as much as possible. Particularly if you’re an ultra busy person with kids, business or demanding job and home life.

This is super important for you and you have to choose to make time for it in your day. It may surprise you that even with spending time in yoga practice, you’ll seem to become more productive throughout your busy day.

Start by setting aside about thirty minutes a day. And if you can’t do 30 minutes, try 10 minutes per day! That’s a start you can grow from and make sure you really use this time for you.


Strengthen your core

A strong and stable core makes a big difference in your life and in your yoga practice.

As you advance in your practice you will realize that core strength is super important to may poses.

In order to strengthen your core to make your poses better and more… try some beginner core exercises to do outside of practice.

Also, try out planking as it’s really great for building core strength.


Practice on an empty stomach

Practicing on an empty stomach will allow you to be more fluid with your poses as well as help you avoid unpleasant symptoms.

If you’re twisting and putting pressure on the digestive system during your practice you should definitely take this into consideration and avoid eating food a few hours before practice as it can cause indigestion.

Also, if you must eat, try out light foods such as some fruit or a granola bar. Most importantly, pay attention to your body and what it’s telling you.


Practice Breathing first

Always start with a great breathing exercise to help you relax and become calm, peaceful and grounded before starting your yoga practice.


Most importantly one of the best yoga hacks is to be patient as you won’t become a master at anything overnight or even after 1 month.

With continuous practice, you will begin to master the various poses but in the meantime, focus on the process of learning, growth and getting to challenge and push your body and mind to places you never thought they could go. Most of all allow yourself to experience the feeling of connecting with your body and enjoy it!

Do you have any other yoga hacks to share? Feel free to leave them int he comments below.






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