yum yum sauce substitute

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Looking for a great yum yum sauce substitute? How about 5 incredible substitutes for yum yum sauce? Keep reading to find out how you can use ingredients in your kitchen or other similar sauces to replace yum yum sauce.  

yum yum sauce substitute

Yum yum sauce is a rich, creamy pink sauce made with ingredients like mayonnaise, ketchup or tomato paste, vinegar, water, garlic, paprika, sugar, and optionally hot sauce. This sauce is a light sauce that is sweet and tangy.

Yum yum sauce is used as a dipping sauce for vegetables, seafood, meat, chicken, potstickers, fries, etc. It is also great drizzled over noodles and fried rice, or added to hamburgers.

But, what if you have no yum yum sauce on hand? Are there other sauces of homemade mixtures that can work in their place?

The answer is yes. 

There are at least 5 sauces that you can use in place of yum yum sauce including fry sauce, sriracha mayo, homemade mayo, ketchup, mayo and tomato paste, and burger sauce.

Each will be discussed in more detail below:

Best substitutes for yum yum sauce

Fry sauce

Fry sauce

Fry sauce is one of the best yum yum sauce substitutes. This sauce is usually made with mayonnaise, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, and cayenne pepper.

This sauce does not contain any vinegar, so it is not a tangy sauce, nonetheless, if you have a jar of fry sauce in your refrigerator, it can be used in pretty much the same way one would use yum yum sauce.

Spicy mayo (or sriracha mayo)

spicy mayo Sauce

Another great substitute for yum yum sauce is spicy mayo or spicy mayo sauce. This is a spicy sauce, as the name suggests, so this sauce does not have the same or a similar flavor to yum yum sauce, but it is great if you do not mind some spiciness.

It is also made with ingredients like mayonnaise, hot sauce, lime juice, and cajun seasoning or chili powder. 

Use spicy mayo in place of yum yum sauce, chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, fish tacos, wraps salads, as well as a dipping sauce for fries and even vegetables.

Homemade mayo and ketchup

Another great substitute for yum yum sauce is your own homemade combination of mayo and ketchup. 

To make it, use ½ cup of ketchup and ½ cup of mayonnaise to make this super easy and delicious sauce. It can be used in the exact same way that you use yum yum. Feel free to add some of your favorite herbs and spices if you like.

Mayo and tomato paste

Like the substitute above, you can also make a sauce similar to yum yum sauce with a mixture of mayo and tomato paste. Mix in your favorite herbs and spices if you want to for some extra flavor.

Burger sauce

Another sauce that is similar to yum yum sauce and can be used in the same way as yum yum sauce is burger sauce.

This kind of sauce is made with mayo, ketchup, shallots, pickles, sugar, and white vinegar.

This sauce also has a flavor that is creamy and tangy with a bit of sweetness. Use burger sauce for slathering on burgers, but also for sandwiches, and wraps and I’ve even used it for dipping my fries!

These are just 5 easy sauces that are creamy, tangy, or spicy that can be used when you do not have any yum yum sauce. None of the sauces is an exact flavor match, but because they’re similar and they’re mostly made with very similar base ingredients, these can be used in a pinch!

Also, read about these easy tartar sauce alternatives or this list of Alfredo sauce substitutes or more sauce substitute ideas. 

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