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Looking for low-calorie keto meal ideas to help make losing weight easier? Here are 8 amazing 500 calorie keto meals you have to try out!

Sometimes you may notice that you’re not losing weight on the keto diet. This just may be because you’re eating way too many calories for burning fat. 

Here are 8 under 500 calorie keto meal to make


Keto Chicken Parmesan

With only 318 calories per serving, this juicy, crispy keto chicken recipe makes an amazing keto dinner idea. Even better than the calories, this recipe only contains 3g net carbs per serving. All around an amazing low calorie, low carb option. 

You can learn how to make this recipe here. 


Light Shrimp Curry with Spinach served over Cauliflower Rice

This shrimp recipe is not only healthy and delicious but, with it being 5g net carbs and 172 calories per serving, this is a meal you definitely need to include in your keto meal plan quite often. 

Learn how to make this light curry shrimp.



Egg Roll in a Bowl 

This low carb egg roll in a bowl is a flavourful one-pot recipe you have to make on your keto journey. Made with ingredients like ground beef, cauliflower rice, and ginger, you can’t go wrong with this recipe. Plus, it is only 304 calories and 9 g net carbs per serving! 

Make this egg roll in a bowl recipe.



Keto Beef Fried Rice (with Cauliflower Rice)

This keto beef fried rice made with cauliflower rice is a keto-friendly stir fry recipe that you can make in under 30 minutes. This meal is only 311 calories and 4.3g net carbs per serving. If you’re looking for meal ideas to help you remain in a calorie deficit, try this recipe out!  

You can learn how to make this keto beef dried rice recipe.


Keto Sesame Chicken with Broccoli

Not only does this Keto Sesame Chicken recipe take 20 minutes to make, but, it is also quite a flavorful low carb take on Chinese takeout!  Try this yummy recipe if you like the sound of 267 calories and 4g carbs sound good to you!

Click to learn how to make keto sesame chicken with broccoli



Easy Instant Pot Meatballs 

Ready to learn how to make juicy, effortless keto meatballs? This recipe is exactly what you need. You can serve these with zoodles, cauliflower rice or keto-friendly bread for a tasty keto meal. 

Learn how to make this keto meatballs



Instant Pot Crack Chicken

This keto-friendly instant pot crack chicken is so good, you’ll want to make this over and over. The best part is that it is only 466 calories and 5g carbs per serving.

Learn how to make this instant pot crack chicken. 


Keto Hamburger Soup With Rotel

This keto hamburger soup is an easy to make meal loaded with ground beef, bacon bits, cheeses and packed with flavor. With only 489 calories per serving and 4.4g net carbs, you just have to try out this keto soup!

Learn how to make this keto hamburger soup 


Reaming in a calorie deficit on the keto diet is more important than many people think. This is what will help you see great success with this lifestyle. However, because of the kinds of foods that are usually eaten on this diet, sometimes, remaining in a calorie deficit can seem hard. Here are 8 meals that are keto-friendly and under 500 calories per serving. These should help you remain in a deficit and lose weight. 

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