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Are you making salmon, but have no dill? You may be thinking that you have to wait until you have dill weed to cook that salmon, and you’d be wrong.

dill substitute for salmon

There are many ways to substitute dill in salmon with other herbs that you may have in your kitchen right now! 

Why use dill in salmon?

Dill is used in salmon mostly as a garnish after it’s been cooked or to infuse its flavor into the salmon while it cooks. 

How to use dill for salmon

Use it as a quick garnish. Roughly chop the fresh dill and sprinkle it on top of the cooked salmon.

Make a dill bed for baked salmon – To use it this way the dill is placed at the base of the inside of a baking dish then topped with lemon slices, the seasoned salmon and. Then water or stock is poured into the baking dish and the baking dish is covered with foil and placed in the oven to be baked. Once it comes out, garnish with chopped dill.

Use dill to make a dill sauce for your salmon. Dill sauce will usually include ingredients like butter, flour, milk, black pepper, and chopped fresh dill. Creamy dill sauce is drizzled over cooked salmon. 

Use dill in the salmon sauce you will use to make your baked salmon in foil. This is usually a sauce with lemon juice, butter, spices, and herbs mixed together and poured over the salmon in foil packets.

So, what are the best substitutes for dill in salmon?

The best dill alternatives in salmon include:

  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Tarragon
  • Thyme
  • Cilantro
  • Fennel
  • Sage

While each of these herbs has its own distinct flavor, they each can add a unique taste to salmon. Therefore, each substitute will be discussed further below as I show you how to use each in salmon as a sub for dill.

Best dill substitutes in salmon


salmon with parsley

Parsley is a perfect substitute for dill in salmon if you just need a garnish. Parsley will add a pretty pop of color and fresh green flavor to your cooked salmon. To use it, roughly chop the parsley, then garnish the cooked salmon and enjoy!


Basil is another popular herb that can be used as a dill substitute for salmon. Basil can be used fresh as a garnish.

It can also be used both fresh and dried to make some salmon sauce that includes lemon, butter, garlic, and chopped basil for baked salmon in foil.


If you have tarragon, this herb can also be used as a dill substitute in salmon. Tarragon is versatile when it comes to salmon recipes and can be used as a garnish, to make a creamy tarragon sauce for the cooked salmon, or used to make a creamy tarragon sauce to drizzle over the salmon.

You can also make a fresh tarragon and lemon bed for your baked salmon. To do this, lay some tarragon onto a baking dish, top with thin slices of lemon, then place your seasoned salmon on top. Also pour some water or broth, or a sauce into the baking dish, garnish the salmon with chopped tarragon, cover with foil, and bake.


salmon with thyme

Have thyme? This herb can be used as a sub for dill in salmon. Thyme works especially well for pan-seared salmon. Just pop a few sprigs of fresh thyme along with freshly chopped garlic into the pan that will be used to pan-sear the fish and let it infuse its wonderful flavors into the salmon!


Use cilantro as a dill replacement for salmon if you want a simple garnish.  


Use fresh fennel to garnish salmon in place of dill. It will work because both fennel and dill look similar. Fennel can also be used to infuse flavor into baked salmon.


Sage is a great dill substitute that can be used for salmon. To use sage, make a sauce that includes lemon juice, fresh sage leaves, and melted butter, pour this sauce over salmon seasoned with salt and pepper, and bake.

There you have it! Seven easy ways to substitute for dill in salmon. With these ideas, you won’t have to wait until you have dill to cook your salmon as there are a few substitutes here that everyone has in their kitchen!

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