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These great minimalist hacks are worth knowing if you’re on a minimalist journey.

If you’re interested in living a more minimalist lifestyle, I’m sure you’re on the lookout for some really amazing hacks that’ll help you live a more simple, less cluttered existence.

This will help you feel great and will go a long way in helping you appreciate the true essence of life without the clutter and confusion of ‘things’

Here are some brilliant minimalist hacks that can help to significantly simplify your life.

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Minimalist hacks to make life more simple:


Minimalizing devices

If you and your partner are on this minimalization journey together, then a great hack is to consider using one of each device. Meaning that you and your partner agree to share one phone, computer, TV etc.

This is a super amazing way to simplify your life. For one thing, it will serve to limit the number of hours you spend online or in front of the TV every single day.


Minimalizing paper goods

This involves cutting out most paper goods such as paper towels, bathroom cups, toilet paper, straws, disposable napkins, paper plates etc. You’ll also be saving a whole lot of money and having less clutter laying around your home.

Here are some smart replacement for each paper good:

Swap paper towels with handcloths and high-quality washcloths

Replace bathroom cups with a regular cups that can be washed each week

Substitute paper straws with these convenient metal straws

Replace disposable napkins with eco-friendly unpaper towels

Replace toilet paper with a handy detachable bidet



If you’re a makeup hoarder or feel like you need to minimalize your makeup stack, a simple hack is to throw out everything that’s over a year old (most makeup tends to go bad after a year). Only keep what you’ve most recently purchased. This alone can help you significantly reduce your stash.

Also, another great hack is to buy more expensive makeup. This will force you to stick to the products that you actually NEED and will use constantly instead of what you’ve seen reviewed on youtube 🙂 that’s somewhat cheap.

Lastly, get rid of everything you haven’t used in a while. It’s basically just taking up space in your life and chances are you’ll never use it again.



Many times we tend to get gifted things we don’t actually want or need and these items, unfortunately, lay around our homes as extra clutter. A couple of ways to handle such situations and make sure that you’re not accumulating things you won’t use are:

Accept the gifts and give them to a charity. That way, it goes to someone who actually needs it and it doesn’t clutter your space.

Another great way to handle this is to actually create a wishlist on Amazon that you share with your family so that they only purchase things you need and will use.

Also, suggest amazon gift cards which can greatly help reduce the chances of gifts that you don’t need.

Some of these ideas may seem a little harsh but it is hard enough trying to get rid of the stuff you already have and don’t need.


Clearing up social media/emails

When we think of minimalism, we often gloss over our social media accounts and emails. However, if you’re like most people you have a ton of people on social accounts that you never interact with.

Cleaning up those accounts, leaving facebook groups you never interact with, deleting social channels you don’t use anymore and generally keeping the social accounts that you do use as tightly knit as possible can help lift a big weight off of your shoulders.

Not forgetting emails! If you have a bunch of junk mail in your inbox, or you’re subscribed to thousands of companies, websites, and blogs who constantly clutter your mailbox, consider deleting those you don’t interact with or are no longer interested in. You’ll feel great when you’re done!


Kids crafts

minimalist hacks

If you have kids or plan on having kids, you know that they often have lots of wonderful crafts that you’re wary of getting rid of.

You can avoid this by simply using an app called Artkive. It’s an amazing way to save and organize your kid’s crafts. Plus you can later order photo books with all your kid’s crafts. That way it’s all in one place.

You can join Artkive here.



One simple way to minimalize things even more by spending less time and money at a salon is by getting your hair colored at home. Make sure to find a great quality of henna dyes for this. It’s cheap and natural and you won’t need to spend time at the hairdresser anymore.



Find a ‘uniform’ or an outfit that you wear daily.

Minimalising clothing can be difficult. But if you’re looking to have less clothing in your possession, a great thing that can help you accomplish this faster is having a sort of ‘uniform’ that you wear most days.

If you’re a stay at home mom, this could be either pants, a shirt, and a jacket or jeans and a t-shirt.

And, if you work outside of the home, it could be a couple of skirts and some black slacks that you can easily mix and match with tops.

Also, you can pick some nice accessories such as scarves and some jewelry to add some variety every now and then.



This is one of the hardest things to try to declutter which is completely understandable. How can you stand to throw away your memories with loved ones?

One simple hack to help you make this easier is keeping one box of memorabilia for each family members instead of more multiple boxes for each member.

Try to keep the box as small as possible and remember that some memories will always be cherished when the items are gone.

Do you have any more minimalist hacks that you can suggest? Leave them in the comments below to help us out even more!







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