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Are you looking for ideas on what to serve with scallops? Here are 12 amazing side dishes that pair well with scallops and are super easy to make too! 

When it comes to serving seafood like scallops, there are an endless possibilities for side dishes that work go well with this main dish. 


What to serve with scallops


Grilled asparagus recipe

Scallops, especially seared scallops and asparagus go together so well. So next time you’re making some scallops, pair it with this simple grilled asparagus recipe. This is a super simple meal that comes together so well with a nice creamy butter sauce. You can find the recipe for this easy grilled asparagus here.


Apple cranberry salad

This delicious apple cranberry salad is the perfect side for scallops. The sweet and savory flavor plus the texture differences are a tasty side for any fish dish. You can find this recipe for the apple cranberry salad here. 


Greek salad

This Greek salad is keto friendly, paleo friendly, gluten free, low carb and soy free and pair perfect with scallops. If you’re looking for a satisfying side dish for scallops, you need not look any further than this easy bright greek salad!  Find this easy greek salad recipe here. 

Balsamic green beans

These balsamic green beans with bacon are an easy 4-ingredient side dish made of perfectly seasoned crisp green beans, crispy bacon and tangy balsamic vinegar. They’re fabulous enough to serve as a holiday side dish, yet easy enough to make on a weeknight. Vegetables and seafood go so well together m and these green beans with some delicious scallops are thus a great pair to make on a busy weeknight! Find these easy balsamic green beans here.

Creamy mashed cauliflower

Another great recipe that goes good with scallops is this creamy mashed cauliflower recipe. Made with sour cream, parmesan cheese, garlic, and butter, these creamy cauliflower mashed potatoes are full of delicious buttery flavor and make the perfect, keto-approved side dish to serve with scallops and other seafood! Find this mashed cauliflower recipe here.

Garlic smashed potatoes

These garlic smashed potatoes, made from pantry staples, are soft and creamy on the inside and deliciously crispy and crunchy on the outside and make the perfect side to your scallops. You can find the recipe for these garlic smashed potatoes here.  

Gnocchi alla Romana

This delicious and simple to prepare Gnocchi alla Romana is a semolina based gnocchi dish. It is ideal to make in advance, and is a perfect side dish to seafood. The gnocchi has a crispy topping, and is creamy and tender on the inside and makes the perfect dish to serve with a main dish like scallops. You can find this easy semolina gnocchi recipe here. 

Instant pot coconut rice

Instant pot coconut rice is an easy side dish with a slightly sweet taste that is a great compliment to scallops! Quickly made in the Instant Pot with a ten minute cook time, this coconut rice is a must try if you’re looking for some yummy and easy. Find the recipe for this instant pot coconut rice here. 

Thai noodles with mushrooms

These spicy Thai noodles with mushrooms are out of this world delicious! They’re easy to make and perfect with seafood dishes like seared scallops. You can find the recipe for these spicy mushroom thai noodles here. 

Crockpot Old Bay mac and cheese

Crockpot Old Bay Mac and cheese is the perfect partner for any seafood dish. Creamy, dreamy and delicious with the taste of Old Bay seasoning, this meal will be a hit at the table, served next to some perfectly cooked scallops. Find the recipe for this crockpot old bay mac and cheese recipe here. 

Gluten-Free Farfalle Pasta

Gluten-Free Farfalle Pasta with a delicious homemade tomato basil sauce is the perfect side dish to make. This recipe is quick and easy and perfect for pairing with scallops. You can find this easy gluten free farfalle pasta here. 

Roasted eggplant recipe

This simple roasted eggplant recipe is flavorful, easy to make, and makes one of the very best low-carb side dishes. Perfectly caramelized and tender, not mushy, enjoy your roasted eggplant dipped in creamy tahini sauce as a side for scallops. You can find this roasted eggplant recipe here. 

Incredible scallop recipes worth trying:

Air Fryer Scallops with lemon and tarragon – These quick and easy 10 minute air fryer scallops are flavored with lemon, garlic and tarragon. 

Seared scallops – These seared scallops are super easy to make and are so delicious. These can easily become one of your go-to recipes for seared scallops.

Pistachio crusted scallops – This pistachio crusted scallops recipe is the perfect recipe to make with simple ingredients and in just 15 minutes. You’ll really enjoy these scallops!
Lemon garlic butter scallops – These are another great scallop recipe worth trying out. I’ve tried this recipe many times and absolutely love it!

More sides to serve with…

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