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Looking for some great ideas on what to serve with enchiladas? If you are, then you’ll really enjoy these enchilada sides dishes that taste so amazing!

When it comes to enchiladas, there are so many amazing recipes that are great for family gatherings or just for a super delicious dinner. I make enchiladas whenever I want to treat my family to a nice meal.

However, it can be quite difficult to figure out what to pair with a main dish like enchiladas. So, here are 18 side dishes to serve withe enchiladas to that’ll make everyone happy!

What can you serve with enchiladas?


Refried pinto beans

Refried pinto beans with the addition of bacon, chorizo and cheese is so good you’ll make these a regular in your home. These make the perfect side dish to serve with enchiladas. You can find the recipe for these refried pinto beans here. 


Double batch smashed beans

Double batch smashed beans have two types of beans smashed together, then topped with melted cheese and baked. This is an incredible side dish to serve with enchiladas. Find the recipe for these double batch smashed beans here. 

Mexican Black Beans

Another great idea for what to serve with enchiladas: Mexican black beans! Made with just a handful of pantry ingredients, these Mexican black beans features minced garlic, ground cumin, chipotles in adobo sauce and canned black beans to make a super delicious finished product. You absolutely must try these black beans! Try the recipe for these Mexican black beans here. 


Easy salsa recipe

This salsa recipe is super easy to whip up and has the most amazing flavors. The best part is that this salsa goes great with enchiladas! You must try out this restaurant style salsa when serving Mexican meals like enchiladas. You can find this easy salsa recipe here. 

Pico de gallo

This pico de gallo is one of the best homemade versions I’ve tried! It is made with simple ingredients but has some really great flavors. Plus, the recipe is super easy to make in just 5 minutes and can be served as a side dish for enchiladas or fajitas. Find this easy salsa fresca recipe here. 

Instant Pot Mexican Rice

This instant pot Mexican rice, is super easy to make and so full of flavor. This rice recipe is the perfect side dish for Mexican recipes like enchiladas. You can find the recipe for this Mexican rice made in an instant pot here. 

Arroz Blanco, or Mexican White Rice

Arroz blanco, or Mexican white rice, is a tasty side dish that compliments any recipe. Made with veggies and plenty of flavor. You can find the recipe for this Mexican white rice here. 

Black beans and rice

This easy black beans and rice recipe goes well with enchiladas. Plus, it is super quick and only needs 15 minutes to make. You cannot go wrong with this side dish! Find the recipe for this easy black beans and rice here. 

Lime cilantro rice

what to serve with enchiladas

Lime Cilantro Rice is a deliciously zesty lime and cilantro rice recipe with amazing flavors. This recipe make some tender, fluffy rice that makes a great side dish for Mexican or Asian main dishes. You can find the recipe for this easy lime cilantro rice here. 

Easy guacamole

If you love avocados, then you’ll really love this easy guacamole recipe! Made with only 4 ingredients this creamy guacamole recipe is perfect for enchiladas and fajitas! You can find this easy guacamole recipe here. 

Mexican Air Fryer Corn On the Cob

This Mexican air fryer corn on the cob is juicy, tender but yet perfectly charred. This is an amazing side dish for Mexican recipes like enchiladas. You can find the recipe for this air fryer corn on the cob here. 

Mexican Street Corn Salad

If you don’t want to serve corn on the cob, then you can also go ahead and serve a Mexican street corn salad instead. Mexican street corn salad is simply a roasted corn, with the delicious flavors of jalapeños and Cotija cheese in the form of a  creamy, tangy and smoky dressing. You can find the recipe for this easy Mexican street corn salad here.

Berry mandarin salad

This berry mandarin salad contains greens, strawberries, mandarin orange slices, onions, almonds and bacon. It makes a colorful, refreshing side dish for enchiladas anytime. You can find this berry mandarin salad recipe here. 

Mexican avocado salad

Light, refreshing and delicious, this Mexican avocado salad uses just 5 simple ingredients and makes the perfect side for enchiladas. You can fid the recipe for this Mexican avocado salad here. 

Mexican coleslaw

This Mexican coleslaw is a perfect side for your favorite Mexican dishes like enchiladas. You can find the recipe for this Mexican coleslaw here.

Fajita veggies

These fajita veggies are made with a handful of ingredients and are super easy and quick. Plus, these easy tossed vegetables pairs perfectly with enchiladas.You can find the recipe for fajita veggies here.


Smothered cabbage

Here’s another favorite  side to go with enchiladas! This easy smothered cabbage recipe is made in just 25 minutes and tastes absolutely amazing served next to enchiladas. You can find the recipe for this smothered cabbage here. 

Texas Caviar

This delicious Texas Caviar recipe is a hearty bean dip/salad with Tex-Mex spices made with, jalapeno, avocado, bell pepper and sweet corn, lime and balsamic vinegar dressing. You can find this flavorful Texas caviar recipe here.
Now that you have these easy side dishes for enchiladas, below, you’ll find some of my favorite enchilada recipes to make fo your family! 

Incredible enchilada recipes

Cheesy chicken enchiladas verde: This delicious cheesy chicken enchiladas recipe is Mexican cuisine you can enjoy right at home. This recipe is the non-traditional mild version of enchiladas made with cooked chicken, mild green enchilada sauce and cheese!

Cheesy shredded chicken enchiladas: These cheesy shredded chicken enchiladas are easy to make and extra cheesy and delicious thanks to a special ingredient: homemade nacho cheese sauce!
Delicious beef enchiladas: These easy, deliocus beef enchiladas are loaded with seasoned ground beef, zucchini, sweet corn, and shredded cheddar cheese with a delicious homemade peanut butter enchilada sauce that is to die for! 
Homemade vegan enchiladas: Made with a homemade sauce, filling and packed with a ton a flavor these gluten free and vegan enchiladas are another great idea for a quick and delicious dinner!
Seafood enchiladas: These seafood enchiladas are loaded with shrimp, crab, and cheese and are definitely going to become a family favorite!

Shrimp fajitas – You can’t go wrong with these yummy shrimp fajitas.

More ideas to serve with…

I love helping you come up with amazing sides and main dishes to serve with your favorite recipes. Here are some more great recipes to pair with your favorite meals:

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