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These yoga poses for flexibility will go a long way in helping you to improve range of motion, release tight muscles and alleviate muscle pain. 

What is flexibility?

Flexibility is the range of motion in a joint or group of joints or the ability to move joints effectively through a complete range of motion.

Flexibility is the safe range of motion in the joints before the body of an individual gets prone to injury. A person who is flexible can squat, jump, push, pull, lift, climb effectively without causing injury. 


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As the world changes and we become less active and we no longer bend, move and stretch sufficiently throughout the day to keep our bodies supple and healthy. These yoga poses for flexibility can help with this problem so that we become more capable of performing daily tasks with less likelihood of suffering from injury or pain.


yoga poses for flexibility

Benefits of flexibility

  • Flexibility helps tt improves our balance and posture so that we can perform daily tasks with less risk of injury or pain
  • Flexibility increases range of motion.
  • Flexibility increases agility.
  • Flexibility helps to take the edge off muscle soreness following intense workouts.
  • Flexibility helps to re-establish natural movement patterns.

As you can see, being flexible has many huge advantages. Here are some great yoga poses that will increase your flexibility and help you feel better. Make sure you have sufficiently warmed up before practicing these yoga poses and always remember to include these poses in your practice regularly to see improvements.


10 amazing yoga poses for flexibility


Extended Child’s Pose:

Kneel on the Yoga mat. Bring your big toes together and rest on your heels. Now breathe out, and bring your torso down. Stretch as far as you can with your palms touching the ground. it’s one of the best Yoga poses for flexibility. Do this form 30 seconds to few minutes. Best pose to add to your daily exercise routine.



Seated Forward Bend:

Spread out your yoga mat and sit on the flour. Legs straight and stretched in front of you. During the whole asana, all pressure goes to your pelvis area and not your waist. Suck the pelvis in while you inhale and release while you exhale. Stretch and touch your feet, if you are too stiff to do that, get a loop around your feet to aid you with the pose. People with back injuries should do it under supervision.



Bridge Pose:

Place your mat and lie down on your back. Place your heels on the floor and bend your knees. Now exhale and lift your hips from the floor, keeping your thighs parallel to the floor. Bring your hands underneath the pelvis and hold them together for better support. Your neck and feet should support the bridge of your body. Hold this pose for 30 seconds. Exhale and release the pose slowly by lowering yourself down to the floor.



The Easy Pose:

Cross your shins and flex your feet, keep your knees under the level of your hips. Use a folded towel for this pose. Bring your feet under the knees and stretch your torso, do not relax your torso throughout this pose. To release, just unfold your legs and stretch them in front of you. This pose will relax you to no end and help you get more flexibility in your joints.



Big Toe Pose:

Stand upright and bring your feet together. Now exhale and bend towards your feet. Grab the big toe with your index and middle finger and keep the pose. You can add a strap for this pose if it’s hard for you to reach your toes. Keeping the torso long, inhale and lift yourself up.



Side Plank Pose:

Lie down to your side, stack your feet on top of each other, press your palm on the floor and lift yourself up. Keep your body in a slant position and hold this pose for as long as 1 minute.  This pose is best to give strength to your hand and enhance flexibility.



Upward Salute:

Stand upright and keep your torso straight, as stretched and straight as possible with your arms to the sides, inhale and bring your hands upward and slap them together in a salute position. Stretch as tall as you can for this pose.



Locust Pose:

Lie on your stomach, inhale and stretch your torso by lifting it from the floor. Keep your stomach and lower body attached to the floor. Place your arms to the side with palms pressing in the floor. Exhale while releasing the pose.



Sphinx Pose:

Lie on your stomach, stretch your toes, firm your hips and very subtly lift your belly off the floor, with your arms placed on the floor from palms to elbows. Keep the lower body pressed to the ground and face forward.



Downward-Facing Dog:

Kneel on the floor in a dog position, then lift your knees off the floor, keeping your hips high towards the ceiling. Place your palms flat on the floor, make a triangle with your hip being the pointed top. Exhale and relax the position. Inhale and repeat.


The above-mentioned yoga poses are the best poses to increase your flexibility. Make sure to do them regularly for the full benefits.

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